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How to Wow Your Clients Every Single Time - A Free Guide

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Learn the ins and outs of the most important marketing strategy you'll ever have: surprising and delighting your customers so they are wowed every time.

Includes tips, tricks and tactics from over 30 online-based entrepreneurs on how they surprise and delight in their business.

Creating experiences that surprise and delight your customers is the most powerful marketing strategy your business will ever execute on.

Inside this guide, you’ll find lots of ideas and information to help you create experiences for your customers.

You can constantly hustle hard to find new clients and customers and convert them into buyers, or you can keep the ones you have happy so they spend more with you, refer you with gusto to everyone they know, and become the poster children for why people must work with you or buy your product.

Focusing on surprise and delight helps you create a strong foundation for your business. According to KISSmetrics, it can cost 7 times more to acquire new customers. By emphasizing surprise and delight, you can reduce your marketing spend, grow your business faster and build a reputation for delivering high-quality products or services.  That’s a win for everyone, especially the clients and customers you serve.

This guide breaks down key elements of onboarding, client communications, sending them off in style, gratitude, keeping in touch and much more.

About the Author & Guide Contributors

pick11I'm Maggie Patterson and I'm the creator of the Surprise & Delight: How to Wow Your Clients Every Single Time Guide. I've spent over 15 years in client-facing roles, first in a PR agency as an account manager, then as a freelancer and now as the owner of a boutique communications firm. At the core of my professional experience, and my success in running my own business for the past 10 years is a single thing - a deep commitment to surprising and delighting my clients. As small business owners, we get so caught up in all of the marketing strategies and tactics (especially online) that we miss the most important one, keeping our existing clients happy every step of the way. Instead of chasing shiny objects in hopes of making our business a success, getting back to basics is what will give us the fuel we need to grow and thrive. Not convinced? For the first 8 years of my business, I didn't have a website or do any marketing. My entire business was built on client experience, which lead to referrals and a healthy income which was far more than I ever made working for someone else. And I'm not alone, surprise and delight is the most powerful and profitable business strategy of successful business owners.

Which is why this guide includes tips, tricks and tactics from more than 30 successful professionals about how they surprise and delight their clients and customers.

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